From soulful gospels to stadium songs, the anthemic songbook ranges from moody to maverick ...


Demonize -  inspired by Gypie Mayo's guitar, Mark Archer pens the brilliant protest pop song for this decade with musical overtones of the great groups from the 60s.
If, Buts & Maybes , another original penned by Mark Archer and Gypie Mayo, is an anthemic, stadium-sized pop hit.
I Always Run To You (You Saved My Soul) ... a soul song opus starting with acapella You Saved My Soul, which then follows into the huge soulful hooky anthem,
I Always Run ToYou.
Stop Looking For Love is a soul pop anthem with a huge chorus, clever verse, and memorable bridge.
You Make Me Feel So Strong is a wonderfully crafted pop song with the mellow overtones of a bluesy ballad.
Be A Saviour  by Mark Archer is an uplifting gospel anthem dedicated to showing the positive spirit of humanity and where we all endeavour to go in life.
Declaration - an old school R & B 'Stonesque' track with a killer hook, an inspired middle 8, entrancing verse & soul-filled rant over the coda.
Bloodhound SCC - especially penned for this landspeed record as an educational song and written with Gypie Mayo.
Heartland  - a dramatic pop song with piano & orchestral backing, strings' interludes, and with an anthemic chorus.
Let's be the Kings of the Earth is a stirring & witty 'oration for this footballing nation', written by Mark Archer, read by Pavel Douglas & set to rousing English classical music. A unique version of the history of the English Football team at the World Cup.
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