Comical, satirical & protest songs from Mark Archer's alter ego known as "Arch'rageous"


Arch'Rageous's classic tomfoolery displayed here in all its glory in the upbeat ska-flavoured track "I Know Nothing"
In "Simon Says", Mark Archer uses all his big bro's expressions to describe such a  brilliant & eccentric character in song.
My Day In The Sun (too Jealous) by Arch'rageous is Mark Archer's extrovert character exhibiting his hope for My Day In The Sun with the music taking many unexpected twists and turns
Written with legendary Yardbirds' blues guitarist, Gypie Mayo, Archer's alter-ego explores those periods where you feel the need to regroup, regenerate & fight the waves of life's turbulent nature & wait for the shimmer of light.
For the birth of his first son Mark Archer wrote a spiritual 'ballad of birth' and this equally hilarious insight into a man's thought pattern in the hours leading up to the arrival of his first child.
You've heard the anthem now watch the video ... Stand Up (If You Love England) by Arch'rageous is a full-blooded tribal football chant, infectious and uplifting ~ and most importantly simple enough to chant along to! This is easily capable of becoming the biggest English football anthem since "Three Lions"

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