Some great songs Mark. Some tear jerkers and some powerhouses. It was such a great night...the band were amazing...really top musicians and you shone in the limelight as always. 


- Paul Falkus

Pick the fruit from my tree ...

is English songwriter A.M Archer’s analogy for making his extensive portfolio of songs and instrumentals available to fellow musicians, recording artists and music producers. His musical tree has many branches, A.M Archer is a songwriter and singer, author and playwright, musician and musical director.

“The core of my life as a musician is being a songwriter
and a saxophonist”.
A.M Archer 

His creative style crosses a wide range of radio-friendly, commercial genres, such as reggae, dance, tropical  house and saxophone instrumentals but primarily he writes ballads and athematic songs. 


“Arch’rageous” is his alter ego - the mad genius who emerges from the "A.M Archer" of love lyrics and ballads - to belt out original protest songs, sassy satires and football anthems.

Somewhere between A.M.A, the classic song writer, and his extroverted Arch’rageous character, is the music-writing saxophonist. An alto tenor and soprano saxophonist, Mark has written a vast number of inspired pop instrumentals, full of soul, tone and melody, creating perfect aural soundtracks.


No-one can predict what a hit song is, so A.M. Archer is continually on a quest to dig deeper into his own musical abilities, believing there is always a song, a melody, just waiting to be cajoled out of the Muse, then written, savoured, and onto the next. The eternal search for the immortal hook continues.

His prolific output over the past 25 years covers the widest variety of styles - a nod to some of his high-calibre collaborators over those decades including Tim Yates, Steve Davies, Louie Nicastro, Chuck McQuillan and Gypie Mayo.


Whether in collaboration or solo work, his songbook comprises over 200 written songs and pieces which are now being opened and made available for artists to record, mainly because A.M Archer wants his songs to live on forever. amarchersongwriter

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